Physical Therapy… gets you moving!

If you think you’ve got messed up with something really difficult, get a load of this…. Physical Therapy!

pt image

I created this blog to raise awareness about Physical Therapy in my community and the people I get in contact with everyday. To give them awareness what physical therapy is all about. Im sure many have been written about it and better ones, greater ones,  at that. So I hope to influence first of all, the people that I know. People who might not bother to google what physical therapy is, and how it can help them, and their loved ones, in many ways than they thought possible.

Also created this to chronicle the things I learn… through readings, from big names in physical therapy and physical rehabilitation that I follow on facebook and twitter, and the cyberspace in general. In fact it’s these big guns that inspired me to open my own PT blog… And most importantly from clients and patients that I get to serve. Their cases inspire me to read more and study more and do more research. I haven’t had the chance to practice for a while during my first few years in Thailand. But I have been back, and I’m trying to stay on top of the game again…

So… welcome to my blog page.


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