World Physical Therapy Day!

world PT day 2

Today the world acknowledges Physical Therapy as a profession, and how physiotherapists help and make a difference in people’s lives through helping them move and stay healthy.

It’s been said, medically cleared is different from being physically cleared. One is considered to be medically cleared if their condition has improved, x-rays, scans or other laboratory findings show no or diminishing pathology, and symptoms have been improving. But one can be medically cleared but still dysfunctional physically. Fatigue on physical exertion, muscle weakness and imbalance, joint stiffness and soft tissue tightness are few examples of physical dysfuntions. Dysfunctions that can lead a person to difficulties in carrying out activities of daily living, inability to pursue recreational activities like walking long distance, running, and other common hobbies and recreational activities. That’s how a physical therapist can help… to get you moving again, pain free, enjoying life’s simple pleasures, and efficiency at workplaces.

In the past, physical therapy is thought to be professionals that deals with patients with obvious physical abnormalities, like those with neurologic, othopedic, and cardiopulmonary problems. Now physical therapists are know to help in many aspects of health care and general well-being. Professional advise and intervention are sought for people in sports, performing arts, and a lot more…

Today is World Physical Therapy Day… Kudos to all Physical Therapists for being instrumental in keeping the populace moving and pain free.