Dion’s Update: New Thinking and Some Paradigm Shift

Hello everyone!

Haven’t been actively writing the last couple of months but few interesting things have been happening! Since I started this blog, I have had a lot of encounters with fellow clinicians around the globe through social media, as well as personal interactions. Clinicians I have come to respect and follow based on the scientific evidences of what they teach or write about. And although I don’t get to see most of them in person [yet], our interactions are genuine and quite personal, really learning so much from them.

Hence, there would be some slight deviation and paradigm shift  from the stuffs that I have written about in the past which reflected how I practice my profession as a physical therapist. The way that I perceive and practice physical therapy now has been changing as I continue to learn from other clinicians, from workshops I have attended and intend to attend in the future, from recent studies and research, and from just about any discussions that I come across with on social media [which is one of the most available source of every information we need right now]. And yes, while I get so much information from social media, I am learning how to filter out these information, and  learning who to listen to… once again from the evidences they present – science vs. pseudo science, mentoring vs. guruism. I am not saying that I will completely abandon my method of practice and protocols – assessments, management, interventions, philosophy. But instead upgrade them, modify them, polish them…

Physical therapy is science, and as such is constantly evolving and progressing. What we learned, believed in and have used in the past might have slightly, or even totally changed by now… just like with many other branches of medicine. Even science in fitness and nutrition and almost about everything in medicine is changing and advancing! And just like any branch of science, physical therapy practice can be manipulated and abused, sometimes to ones’ selfish gain, either monetary or fame.

But physical therapy is also an art. A skill, And thus, requires utmost wisdom and intellectual discerning how to merge science and creativity and go with the guts in clinical decision making without getting into quackery and pseudo-science. I wince every time I read somebody promoting their practice as evidence-based while also promoting pseudo sciences like naturopathy, reiki, reflexology, While I don’t judge any of my clients who would want to consider any of these, I would not involve myself into these territories that obviously belong to someone else.

Okay, so the latter part has become more of a rambling. What I’m saying is, I’ve been learning a few new things here and there, now and then, and it’s an even more exciting season to be a physical therapist now, as availability of evidence-based knowledge and skills in the practice abounds. I guess the most significance of this are available forums and pages where other clinicians and researchers can voice their opinions about a certain topic/technique, and for us to weigh these information.

I owe everything to my patients and clients who believed in me, and has gotten better with my interventions and have since introduced and recommended me to other people – friends and family – who needed my services and expertise.

And grateful to all physical therapists [Physios] who remain true to the science of the profession, enlightening, equipping, encouraging, and strengthening the community of clinicians around the globe to be better PTs that we may provide authentic, evidence-based, science-based physical therapy services to the general public! And with regards to some of the differences in our training and approach in treatment, we can all disagree with modesty and respect.

Keep posted with these new models and paradigm shifts. Cheers!

Meme hijacked from  http://theawesomept.com

Meme hijacked from http://theawesomept.com

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