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This blog is managed by me, Dioni, a physiotherapist [physical therapist] with special interest in pain science, therapeutic movements and evidence based practice. I am the owner of Dynamic Moves Physical Therapy.

Its primary goal is to give the public brief information, and promote awareness on the Physical Therapy practice… What physical therapy is, what physical therapists do, as well as what common conditions do physical therapists treat. Hopefully, laymen who read this blog will have a good picture on how physical therapy is relevant in our society.

Dioni De Guzman, owner of Dynamic Moves Physical Therapy , is a physiotherapist [physical therapist] with special interest in pain science, therapeutic movements and evidence based practice.

I practiced Physiotherapy in Bangkok, Thailand for a few years with specialisation in musculoskeletal conditions and sports related injuries, collaborated and networked with various expat owned gyms, fitness centers, martial arts and boxing gyms, medical clinic, as well as free lance personal trainers from the USA.


One of my many favourite clients. Former professional football players who has had pains on (B) knees for many years and saw me as his last option. He’s seen other rehab specialists and has had arthroscopic surgery. 

I have worked with wide variety of clients and patients like football players, runners and triathletes, golfers, professional dancers, boxers and MMA fighters, weekend and recreational warriors among many others. Have also worked with a lot of teen athletes.


British indoors and outdoors mountain climber rehabbed for shoulder injury

Also has extensive practice in neurologic and geriatric physiotherapy which includes functional retraining, strength and conditioning, and balance and fall prevention training for seniors and elderly.


A vibrant woman in her mid 60s who I trained for balance, fall prevention, strengthening and conditioning.


Do the things you love… Pain free!



Facebook page: Dynamic Moves Physical Therapy

Facebook page: Evidence Informed Physical Therapy

Instagram: dionideguzman

Line ID: dionimcphysio

my personal fb account: facebook.com/dioniphysio


It’s more than just treatment… It’s care. 

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