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This blog is managed by me, Dion, a physical therapist.

Its primary goal is to give the public brief information, and promote awareness on the Physical Therapy practice… What physical therapy is, what physical therapists do, as well as what common conditions do physical therapists treat. Hopefully, laymen who read this blog will have a good picture on how physical therapy is relevant in our society.

I have been a clinical practitioner for more than 15 years with interest of specialty in musculoskeletal and orthopedics physical therapy. My patients and clientele vary from semi-professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, performing artists, weekend warriors and office/desk workers… Running injuries, dance injuries, work related back and neck pain, athletic injuries, tendinopathy and tendinitis, arthritic pain are just some examples of cases that I see often.

I work with various personal trainers and martial arts teachers in Bangkok helping their clients with musculoskeletal issues.

My experience working at a chiropractic clinic for two years has motivated and challenged me to pursue a more evidence-based, evidence-informed approach to physical therapy practice.

I also love serving the seniors populace, helping them with balance training, strength and conditioning and falls prevention.

Do the things you love… Pain free!





my personal fb account: facebook.com/dioniphysio

Line ID: dionmcphysio


It’s more than just treatment… It’s care. 

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